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Author's Name: Walter Sinnwell

Title: "Reality Strikes home"

I was born in st. louis, mo in 1944.  I lost my father in 1953.  I attended catholic schools in st.louis and graduated from college in 1967. I joined the US Army in June of 1967.  After basic training and AIT at Ft. Dix, NJ. I received my OCS training at Ft. Belvoir, Va - was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in April '68. I was first stationed in Panama and soon found myself as a company commander of a truck company supporting the US Army Jungle training school - I had two months in grade and in charge of better than 100 troops. In December of '69, I received my orders for Vietnam. I was assigned to the 3rd MCC in Long Bin- I was the RORO officer and my duties covered all of 3rd and 4th Corp of Vietnam. In my tour I experienced combat
and luckily I was not injured. I was in viet nam when my first son was born - whom I did not see until I was discharged in March '71. I feel that my experience in the military was very beneficial in that I experienced that by working together, we can overcome any obstacle that we are faced with simply by placing trust in teamwork.