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Tom Fogarty

Author's Name: Tom Fogarty

Title: "Into Cambodia"

As I got my gear together, my mind flashed back to the 9th INF. jungle training camp for the Delta Dogs in Tanin, Mekong Delta. I was assigned to Rachen home base camp 2/4 Field Artillery Combat Support. Fearful I would be assigned to Radio Telephone Operator with the grunts and I volunteered for the Alpha Company, their RTO was KIA in first fire fight with the NVA. We were assigned to fire artillery support for Operation Broadspear in Cambodia inserted through Songbay, Vietnam. Special Ops search and destroy bunkers, cache of weapons, ammo, food and underground hospitals.

The first night on Shakey's Hill, the NVA hit our perimeter and killed several of our grunts. Shakey's Hill was named after the killing of pointman PVT Shakey. The next morning I was on detail to carry body bags up the hill. I carried eight to ten body bags and placed them on a large pallet. I prayed over everyone. I had no idea that they would visit me before I left this country.

I threw my gear on the chopper, a Huey gunship, my radio strapped on my back and we skyed up on my first Eagle Flight.