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Author's Name: Thomas Knoten

Title: "Memorial Day Homage"

O handsome in their campaign hats
From Somme to River Rhine
Doughboys in collared tunics brown
Marching to “Auld Lang Syne”.
  America! America!
Democracy revere.
We'll fight – 'twere as a brotherhood.
Lafayette, we are here!

O rugged in their olive drab
With steel pot on the head
Went not gentle into that night
Where'er they fought, they led.
  America! America!
World War II saw a close
Veterans home with dignity
Victors over their foes.

O bravely onto Inchon's shore
With pushing prow they sailed
Soldiers answered the Nation's call
When diplomacy failed.
  America! America!
'Gainst bullet, shell and bomb
Presently all beds are narrow
There in the Morning Calm.

O fearsome in tropical garb
And camouflage of green
Boys soldiered on through Vietnam
With muscle and machine.
  America! America!
Plaster saints? Skin and bones!
At long last, “Welcome home”.

Thomas P. Knoten (May 5, 2017)