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Author's Name: Stephen D. Lutz

Title: "Who'd steal morphine from a medical"

As a 91B20 (m.o.s.) medical specialist I got to carry morphine syrettes. For my 6 1/2 months in the bush, 1971, I never had to use morphine. My causalities were so 'light weight' there was never a need to use morphine. Choppers came in/out so quick individuals were flown out quick.

One morning, purely on whim, I took my morphine out to count them. As a CONTROLLED  DRUG medics had to sign them out, give accounting if any used, then sign them back in as accounted for as being a controlled substance/drug upon return to fire base.  One morning I checked them to found one sryette emptied, neatly folded over and still in the case. I had an idea of the four likely suspects. Think of it this way: would you admit to stealing morphine from a medical if confronted /asked? Never said a word to the 22 of the platoon. Sent a message/note back to the aide station where they had a secreted stash of unaccounted sryettes and replaced the one stolen/used.

My reaction to being àround a/any vietnam veterans, "who here would steal morphine from a medic?"

I've been published 14 times in 7 military history magazines. Can't he think of a thing to write about nam. None want to read anything about "Who Would Steal Morphine From A Medic?" As for February 11, 1971-January 22, 1972 I saw nothing  meritorious in I saw/did did there.

So, yeah, I could elaborate on the four suspects how/where/when the theft occurred. At this point it's tedious and boring just like 1971.  So if you like I could carry on the next time around. Right I got a U-boat thing  going on.