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Author's Name: Roselyn Lorthridge

Title: "Watching Always Watching"

I have two vivid and profound memories of the the first televised war. One is reading the Saint Louis American newspaper. On the back was picture after picture of young, black boys, for they could hardly be called men, who were mortally wounded in battle. I also noticed that the narrative under each picture mostly read the son of Mrs. So and So, not the son of MR. and Mrs. So and So. I think that was indicative of the socio-economic status that existed in my black community back then. Hmm? My other memory is sitting in front of the television, so close that my nose would almost touch the screen, looking to see if familiar faces were being  carried off on stretchers. Mercifully, I did not, but I do know I lost some. One was recently part of an In Memoriam tribute at my recent Beaumont High School's 50th class reunion. R.I.P. Sammy.😢

Ex-Wife of a Late Viet Nam Veteran