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Author's Name: Patrick Guy

Title: "Best Lesson of My Life"

Vietnam is a "college" degree 10 times over, I say this having completed a BBA and Master Degree after my Army service.

I served with the Big Red One infantry and saw 23 GI's killed along with 125 Viet Cong and NVA over a year toue of duty.

I wrote a book on my experience called "Vietnam 1969   A Grunt's View" which on file in the library of Congress and can be purchased from me for $20. Write P. Guy 1108 St. Charles Avenue, St. Charles, Mo. 63301 for details.

I felt serving in Vietnam was my duty and give people a chance for freedom was worth risking my life for the South Vietnamese people.

I have return to Vietnam several times since the war and believe I was right back in 1969.  Living under communism sucks for most of their citizens. If your a party official live is great if not a member not so good.

I also believe most draft dodgers we're just trying to save their own asses and could care less about the piople of Vietnam.