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Author's Name: Pamela Moller

Title: "How my brother got into the National Guard"

It was 1969 and my brother was a good candidate for Vietnam. I was 16 at the time and worked for a dentist who had issues with controlling his libido. He became Mr. Octopus whenever he was alone with a female. It did not matter if they were 70 or 16 like I was. One day he attempted to make out with me. I was shocked pushed him away and went home and cried for two days. In those days there was a definite line between a good girl and a bad girl. Several weeks later I was in an exam room with the dentist and my father came in and shut the door. My father informed him he did not agree with the war and did not want his son to go. He asked the dentist who was a Colonel in the National Guard to get my brother in. The dentist became rather pale and readily agreed to get my brother in the Guard. There I was a living example of jail bait. The dentist was about 5 9 and weight about 160 lbs. while my father was 6 6 and weight about 300 lbs. may have had something to do with him agreeing to get my brother into the Guard.