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Author's Name: Mike Wood

Title: "headquarters plan"

I worked in the headquarters company in CamRon Bay. I worked for Colonel Jackson and for General Hill. I made charts and graphs of troop movement and plans of attack. One item that disturbed me was every month we sent money to the Vietnamese mayor for rent on the property we were located on to save there but! 

CamRon Bay had a port where cargo ships docked and unloaded daily. They were never attacked during the day but at night we had a little secret we used to keep the ships safe.  The General and I would sometimes sit in the evening and watch out the window to see if any sampans were in the water near the ships.  If they were it only took about 10 minutes before the boats would be overturned and the occupants would disappear.  We had trained killer dolphins that the Navy used to keep the harbor safe.  To my knowledge in the year I was there, no ships were ever damaged by the enemy.