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Author's Name: Mary Stahl

Title: "Homefront - Part 2"

This is a follow up to the story I originally submitted before the series started. I watched all 10 episodes and they were totally awesome.

Anyway, I was shocked to find out how much the government did lie to us, The tapes from different Presidents saying we were losing but kept sending soldiers over to die was a real eye-opener.
As I originally wrote, my parents and I were strong supporters of the war and felt like the protesters were traitors. I still feel they went too far in being disrespectful to our soldiers coming home, they never deserved that treatment.

I am glad you presented this series because this was a big part of my younger years and looking back, it didn't spread Communism and the countries did not fall like dominos. It was a war we did not need to be fighting to prop up a corrupt government that their own people did not like. It was all about politics and many good soldiers died because of it.

I have read all of the stories that have been submitted and some were very heartbreaking. Thanks to all who served in this war and any war and I am glad the soldiers returning today are treated with respect. I just wanted to add this to my original letter after watching the show. Thanks again for showing this, it is something that needed to be seen so we could better understand what was going on.