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Author's Name: John Schoon

Title: "I Come To The Wall"

Sgt. Kenneth C. Frazer, from Chester, Illinois was killed in action in Vietnam in September of 1968.  He was a 1967 graduate of McKendree College (now Mckendree University) in Lebanon, Illinois.  I first became familiar with his story because my father was his instructor at McKendree.  My father spoke about what an outstanding individual he was.  He was a member of the 173rd Airborne and served as a combat medic.  He was against the war and didn't believe in carrying a sidearm so he chose to become a medic.  His desire was to help people, not kill them.  He was killed in action in Dak To area of operations coming to the aide of a wounded soldier.  Because I was only 8 years old at the time of his death, my parents said that I was not allowed to attend his funeral. I sat on the steps outside the Bothwell Chapel where his service was held and listened from the outside.  For the past several years, I have traveled to The Wall in Washington, DC.  I searched for and found Sgt. Frazer's name engraved on The Wall.  I touched the spot where his name was engraved.  After 50 years, I finally felt like I was able to pay my respects to this man who I had known only through the stories of my father.  I touched The Wall because his story touched me.

I Come To The Wall
by Desert Storm Veteran, John R. Schoon

I come to THE WALL because others can't!
I come the THE WALL to remember those who have fallen.
Each of these men and women went without hesitation, to do one's duty, as others before them.
I come to THE WALL because of the sacrifices they made for their brothers. 
I come to THE WALL because I never want these warriors to be forgotten!
I come to THE WALL because of these words, " Duty, Honor, Country."
I come to THE WALL to touch SGT Kenneth C. Frazer's name (44W-Line 9)