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Author's Name: Sgt John Froidl

Title: "Base over Run by NVA"

Fire Base Sun wasn’t too far from us approx 2 or 3 miles and we were hold up at Tan Linh. It was May 28th 1970 and the mountain yard people were coming in from the fields in the afternoon.  They usually came in right before dark - what’s up? ? That night we saw a light, it was a torch on the top of the mountain next to Fire Base Sun. First one light then two then three till there was a line of lighted torches from the top of the mountain to the bottom. When they got to the bottom the torch would go out.  Not long after the last torch went out the NVA North Vietnam Army hard core soldiers Regional Forces attacked Fire Base Sun and the fighting lasted around 6 hours.  We were getting hit too but not with full force like Sun. We were lucky, if the NVA had hit us first, they would have wiped us out. We were smaller in numbers with less fire power than Sun.  I remember we fired all night and went thru over  500 + rounds of 81mm HE (high explosive) ammo. Sun had us firing to protect some of their perimeter. Sun got hit hard and was over run but was lucky.  I don't think the enemy killed anyone at Sun and I know known of us were killed.  The next morning we were told we had a body count of 125 NVA Vietnam soldiers. One hell of a night but we held fast and did our jobs, saving many lives at Sun as well as our own.  81mm Gunner Larry Birge gun pit was hit with a rocket and blew him out of it.  So he ran to another gun pit to keep firing that night. I know I was running around the compound giving fire commands.  We had Joe Washart from 1st platoon in the compound who was waiting to go back to Ham Tan or BMB for some kind of first aid. That night Joe helped us with getting our extra ammo. He would go outside the perimeter get two boxes and caring them back to the guns as fast as he could. His platoon was out there and he wanted to help them all he could. the next morning I remember someone telling me they were going to put me in for a bronze star. When I caught up with Larry at the 2016 reunion I told Larry I remembered someone telling me that but couldn't remember who that was.  Larry said he did, we were getting shot at and it was a general who said he would put you and himself in for a bronze star, but we didn’t get it.  Our Platoon Sgt William Temple said he wrote both of us up but Larry and I was wounded at ham tan together July 15th 1970 so i guess they figure we were going home and didn't process the bronze stars for us? We held fast and did what we were train to do and it paid off.