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Author's Name: John Claybaugh

Title: "My Service"

I received my draft notice in 1968. I talked to a Air Force recruiter and was told I could enlist. So in March of '68 I went into the Air Force. I wanted auto mechanics. However, I didn't get that. I was told I will be a mechanic, only a weapons mechanic. After basic training in San Antonio I did my Technical training at Lowery AFB in Denver, Colorado. After finishing school I was stationed at England AFB, Alexandria, La. I worked on the A-37 aircraft while there. We trained VNAF pilots there. I then went to Vietnam in 1970-1971. There, my home base was Phanrang. I worked on the F-100 super sabre. The "lead sled" I was on a loading standerization crew. We trained others on loading munitions and repairing and troble shooting the weapons system on the aircraft. We received many rocket and mortar attacks while I was there.I also worked on the F-4 and the B-52. My last station was at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. I now live with my loving wife of 27 years at our home of 75 wooded acres in Illinois. We enjoy traveling together. All of us that were there in 'nam had to work together to get our mission done. I helped my room mate run our Ghetto Bar in our barracks. That is what helped us through the year. We both drank a lot. That I have never been proud of. I am proud that I served our Nation.