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Author's Name: Joe McCarthy

Title: "1970"

Two short stories:  

1.  A couple months before leaving Vietnam I was driving a jeep on Highway 1 heading back to Nha Trang when I was pulled over by MPs.  Apparantly a helicopter had tracked me speeding 10 mph over the limit and the MPs gave me a speeding ticket.  I still have it!  I was called into the C.O.s office and he said that my driving 'privileges' would be suspended; that I couldn't drive on Highway 1.  Since I had such a short time left in country and saw this as a great safety idea, all I could say was 'thanks'. 

2.  After transferring from the 1st Infantry Division in April, 1970 I was stationed at a military intelligence unit in Nha Trang.  The C.O. saw me walking between 2 buildings (~50 feet) without a head cover (baseball cap).  He cited me for being out of uniform and as punishment I had to fill sandbags.  Thinking that this was ridiculous in a war zone, I wrote to Missouri's senator in Washington DC.  They must have agreed with me because they initiated an investigation and 1st Field Force Headquarters called in the C.O. for questioning.  He left Vietnam before his tour was up.  Don't know if the investigation had anything to do with it, but I'd like to think so.